Arne hasle nisse

But while I remain arne hasle nisse, I will not see you err from the true path, no, not a hairs-breadth, without making the old mans voice and remonstrance heard. Nay, but, said the Lady, who both loved and respected the good man, though sometimes a little offended at what she conceived to be an exuberant degree of zeal, we will not part this way, my good friend. Women are quick and hasty in their feelings; but, believe me, my wishes and my purposes towards this child are such as both my husband and you will approve arne hasle nisse. The clergyman bowed, and retreated to his own apartment. We have our prejudices in England. Or, if that assertion offends any of my readers, I will modify it we have had our prejudices in England. We have tortured Jews; we have burnt Catholics and Protestants, to say nothing of a few witches and wizards.
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